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Memory Match

The fun way to develop memory skills.


Memory Match CD-ROM runs on your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) without the need for Internet connection.


Memory Match, for all its simplicity, is a useful teaching aid to develop:

  • powers of observation

  • discussion skills

  • decision making

  • memory skills

  • logical & strategic thinking.

Contains 4 versions of the game-board to suit different ability levels with 8 games at each level.  (Times table version varies.)


Although Memory Match is intended primarily as a class teaching aid for use on the Interactive Whiteboard, it can also be used as a play-alone game or for small groups of pupils to play.   Its simple game-format (based on finding pairs or groups of matching cards) provides a vehicle for a class (or smaller group of pupils) to form and discuss strategies for developing their memory skills.


Memory Match

(Match picture pairs to develop memory skills)

Memory Match - ABC

(Match letters of the alphabet - upper, lower and mixed case options)

Memory Match - Maths

(Match 2D & 3D shapes to develop memory and maths vocabulary)

Memory Match - Times Tables

(Match times-table problems with their answers.)


Click for sample game

(basic Memory Match)


15.50 each

Order 2 for 25.50

Order 3 for 31.50

Order 4 for 37.50

 (Prices include UK p&p)







Puzzleboxx CD-ROM runs on your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) without the need for Internet connection.


Puzzleboxx will inspire and motivate your pupils to think more effectively and to maximise their potential across the curriculum ... and it's fun!


Puzzleboxx contains over 160 puzzles and problems specially designed to engage, challenge and stimulate young minds (KS2 upwards).

  • word-based

  • picture-based

  • logical

  • practical

  • lateral thinking

Each puzzle is accompanied by a "clue" and a full solution.


The puzzles can form the basis of thinking skills lessons, or can be used as

  • "challenge corner" resource

  • lesson starter

  • break-state activity

  • end-of-lesson "treat".

Puzzleboxx has been developed by inspirational teaching and learning innovator John Fewings, whose ideas are founded on more than 20 years experience teaching in both primary and secondary schools.


Click here for sample puzzles.


24.75 (includes UK p&p)