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I am always pleased to receive feedback from users - preferably about content rather than technical stuff. What would you like to see included - or altered? How could the design or navigation be improved? I'd also be happy to receive any advice from the "techies" out there - but please keep it simple!


Your website is awesome! I am a teacher, a very passionate one and I teach science at (a school in) Northampton England UK. I do a lot of work with helping teachers in Nigeria to make teaching more meaningful and more 21st Century oriented. I just found so much material that I could use on your website.

GA, Northampton


I stumbled upon your site by accident and congratulate you for throwing a lifebelt to the English language.



I find your site very stimulating and innovative and I would like to use some of the material in our programs.

LCO, South Africa


"I think your website is excellent."

Max Buczynski, Assistant Principal,

William Bradford Community College, Leicester


Sci-box "is straightforward to use and particularly stimulating for the children."

Primary school teacher, Hull.


"Just been browsing through your site and I think it is excellent. ... I found it absorbing to read through and thought the activities for kids - especially Sci-box - excellent."

D.T., Excellence in Cities, Hull


"... came across your site. Not only did I find what I was looking for but so much more.  A great resource.  Thanks, I'll be back!

A.B. Service Support Worker, Didcot, Oxfordshire.


"I came across your site googling for Thinking hats and Bloom’s taxonomy – it is very stimulating and I shall be recommending it to colleagues. I particularly like the TALK techniques page and all the interesting people that you mention ..."



I swear I've never seen such a useful website.  In the same time it's creative. I really don't know what to say because I'm soooo amazed at all the information you put in this. It's easy and colorful to read. ... Good luck and all the  best."



Absolutely love your site, best I know.  I'm "doing" something tomorrow with our staff on "questioning" using your stuff - thanks!! Keep up the good work!!

Fran F


Very interesting site and packed full of useful material.

Curriculum Manager, Adelaide


I think your site is really useful. I am a student and i have found the section on revision particularly helpful!

M.B., London


It is a wonderful website with plenty of material to use in the classroom.  Thank you for making all of these available!  Education (especially in Africa) can benefit from this!

A.M., South Africa


i like ur website its a brilliant work .. not doubt it.

Najeeb, Pakistan