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TURN-UP is a simple number-guessing game (for two or more players) which will suit a range of ability levels.





This is a game for any number of players - though 3 or 4 is best - who sit in a circle around a flat playing surface. 


Each player has a set of number cards (initially, the numbers 0 - 10) and secretly chooses 4 cards, which he or she lays face down in front of them IN ASCENDING ORDER FROM LEFT TO RIGHT.  The remaining cards play no part in the game and are concealed from sight. (Players are allowed to look at their own cards to remind themselves what they have chosen but they may not look at other players' cards.)


Taking turns, players now try to guess the numbers on other players' hidden cards.


So, for example, the first player must point to a specific card of any of the other players and state their guess, "I think that's a 5."


The player whose card is being guessed must turn it face-up if the guess is correct - otherwise play passes to the next player to make a guess.


When all of a player's cards have been guessed (and are face-up in front of the player), that player takes no further part in the game.  (As games last only a few minutes each, they will not have long to wait.)


The winner is the last player still to have hidden cards face-down in front of them.


Players will probably want to play a number of games - and may wish to keep a tally of how many times each player has won.




The game can be played by very young players - who will no doubt guess numbers at random. 


Slightly older children will realise that the numbers on face-up cards give a clue to the hidden numbers on face-down cards (as cards are arranged in numerical order left to right.)  They will also try to remember previous guesses.


Older players still will devise more complex strategies regarding which cards they choose to guess, etc.




Instead of using number cards from 0 - 10, players could use cards numbered 0 - 100, or only cards that are multiples of 3, etc.