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SKELETONS is a word-game for two or more players who each take turns to add letters to a growing word-skeleton.





Each player starts with an agreed number of lives.  Players sit in a circle.  They will need a piece of paper and a pencil - which are passed around the circle as the game progresses.  The first player writes a letter on the paper and passes it on. 



The next player adds a letter - either to the front or back of the existing letter - to form a two-letter skeleton.  This player must know a word that contains this skeleton.  Paper and pencil are passed to the next player.



thinking of the word ATTEND


This player must add a letter - either to the front or back of the existing skeleton to form a new (three letter) skeleton.  This player must know a word that contains this skeleton.



thinking of the word GATE


Paper and pencil are passed from player to player, each of whom adds a letter to form a new skeleton.  If a player cannot form a new skeleton they can choose to bluff - by adding a letter to form a new skeleton - even if they do not know a word containing that skeleton.



not thinking of any word but "bluffing"


After each player has written their letter (and before the next player writes theirs) they may be challenged by any other player.



On being challenged, the player who has just added a letter and formed a new skeleton must say a word which contains this skeleton.  If the challenged player cannot say a word (within a 10 second time limit) they lose a life.  However, if they do say a word then the person who challenged them loses a life.  (After a challenge, successful or otherwise, a new game is started.)



thinking of DELEGATE


Players also lose a life (and a new game starts) if they complete a word.  That is - if their suggestion for a new skeleton is actually a recognised word.  (This does not apply to words of only 1, 2 or 3 letters.)


When a player loses all their lives they are out of the game - which continues until only one person has any lives - and is proclaimed the winner.



thinking of RELEGATED but completing LEGATE and losing a life


It is a good idea to have a dictionary handy - and all players agree to abide by the ruling of the dictionary.



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