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This is a game for two players (but can be adapted for larger numbers of players).  All that is needed is paper and pencil for each player.


Each player draws an 8 x 8 grid - and labels the columns a - h (across the bottom of the grid) and labels the rows 1 - 8 (up the side of the grid).  Players then secretly mark 8 hotspots on their grid.

  • NOTE:  Players may place hotspots in adjacent squares if they so choose.


Players take it in turns to shoot at their opponent's grid - by designating the column and row of their shot - trying to AVOID the hotspots.


To assist with their record-keeping, each player also draws a blank 8 x 8 grid on which they will mark the results of their shots.



As each shot is taken, the shooter's opponent must not only indicate whether the target square was a hotspot - but must also indicate how many hotspots occupy the 8 squares adjoining the target square (above, below, left and right adjacent squares and 4 diagonally adjacent squares).  This will obviously help the shooter decide where best to shoot on their next turn.


The game is lost when the shooter hits all 8 of the hotspots on the opponent's grid.




The game is lost when the shooter hits a designated number (say, 5) of the hotspots on the opponent's grid.