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A word-game for two or more players who take turns to spot connections.





Each player starts with an agreed number of lives - which are represented by that number of counters piled in front of them.  Players take turns to play and may sit in a circle. 


The first player says a word.


The next player must say a word that is totally unconnected to the first word.


Each subsequent player in turn says a word that is totally unconnected to the previous word ... and so on.


Immediately after a player has said their word, they can be challenged by any other player - if that player can spot a connection.


(For example: crocodile is connected to table because they each have four legs.)


The validity of a connection-challenge can be determined by a referee (perhaps the teacher, if playing as a class) or by consensus.


A successful challenge means that the person who said the connected word passes one counter to the challenger.


An unsuccessful challenger must pass a counter to the person they challenged.


Only players who still have lives (counters) may suggest words.  Players who have lost all their counters may continue to play - but only as challengers (to try to win counters to get back in the game).


The winner is the player with the most counters at the end of an agreed time




the first player to reach a previously specified target.