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Away with the Manger

All too often, Jesus gets left out of Christmas



The Door

The efforts of a bungling burglar duo are thwarted - by a child



Elijah and the Raven

A bird-brained messenger brings comfort to a prophet



The Fourth Gift

Mary & Joseph receive a late visitor with an unusual but inspiring gift



Gideon and the Angel

This Biblical scene is given a novel twist - and a rap



(Helen & James) x 2

A chaotic re-telling of "The houses on rock and sand" parable




Not one, not two, but THREE Fathers Christmas



The Housewife's Prayer

A slick door-to-door salesman meets his match



It's Anybody's Guess

Gus Gusset hosts the ever-popular TV game-show




A "poem for voices".  Waiting for Judgement to begin,

the crowd have their say about the unfairness of life



Nativity Panto

The nativity story receives the pantomime treatment



Peace and Goodwill

The season of peace and goodwill is ruined by an argument

about what to watch on the telly



Rama's Garden

Rama's friends creep into his garden at night to discover what is

behind his new fence, but each discovers only part of the truth




The Richest Man in the Kingdom

In the face of imminent disaster, a greedy king executes

a "cunning plan" to keep his riches.  But will it work?



That's Life

Two workmen discuss holiday details



What if?

What if the 3 wise men and the shepherds had had

very different reactions to the signs of the birth of Jesus?



X marks the spot

A band of pirates in search of treasure unwittingly

engage in a discussion with theological overtones.




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