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Tick-tack-titch!  The wicked white witch

Pitched her tacky tent upon our football pitch.


Tick-tack-toe!  We all said, “No!”

The wicked white witch has got to go, go, go!


Go witch! Go witch! Go witch! GO!

Or we’ll kick you off the pitch with a tick-tack-toe.


Wizzy-wazzy! Wizzy-wazzy! Wizzy-wazzy! WOO!

The witch left the pitch with a boo-hoo-hoo!


Picking up her wand, she packed up her tent,

Climbed upon her broomstick and OFF SHE WENT!



When you chant "Go witch! Go witch! Go witch!" ask your teacher to point out three different people to shout "Go witch!" in turn - then the rest of the class can all join in on "Go!"


You will have to stay alert - in case you are one of those the teacher points at.


If it works well, you could try the same thing when you chant "Wizzy-wazzy! Wizzy-wazzy! Wizzy-wazzy! Woo!"



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