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Wippity-wappity-wigwam, Wippity-wappity-woo!

Some like the colour green but I like blue.


Wippity-wappity-wigwam, Wippity-wappity-wack

Some like the colour white but I like black.


Wippity-wappity-wigwam, Wippity-wappity-wellow

Some like the colour red but I like yellow


Wippity-wappity-wigwam, Wippity-wappity-wurple

Some like the colour pink but I like ORANGE!



You could ask your teacher to split you into groups.  One group could chant the first line and the other group could chant the lines with the colours.


When you are saying the "Wippity-wappity" line, make sure you have flexible lips!  Don't forget to open your mouth wide!


Perhaps you could make up some verses of your own.


Verses do not have to be about colours; they could be about food ... or pets ... or TV programmes ... or anything!


P.S. I bet I caught you out with my last line!


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