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The Mucklewhites

A cautionary tale

Mr Michael Mucklewhite

Was short and fat and smelly;

He smoked a million fags a day

And sat and watched the telly.


Mrs Mandy Mucklewhite

Was tall and slim and sleek;

She went to workout at the gym

Seven times a week.


Mark and Mindy were their twins

Which some thought fine and dandy,

But Mindy was just like her dad

And Mark was just like Mandy.


So Mark was fit and healthy

And as skinny as a twiglet;

But Mindy was a lazy blob

A proper little piglet.


Mark liked to run and jump and play

He was full of vim and vigour;

But Mindy sat and ate and ate

She just kept getting bigger!


Mark then played football for his school;

It was his favourite hobby:

But Mindy pigged out ‘til she was

As big as Mr Blobby.


When Mark grew up he played for "Spurs";

Now he’s famous and he’s loaded:

But as for Mindy – oh dear me -

She finally exploded!



So while you’re young you must decide

What YOU are going to do:

Pig out – go pop!? – or reach the top?

The choice is up to you.



NOTE TO TEACHER: This particular rhyme provides a useful starting point for teaching students to design MindmapsClick here for example.


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