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Three cherries in a row


Three cherries in a row!

Collect up the money

And away we go!



I'll buy myself some chips,

I'll buy myself a fish,

I'll buy myself some chocolate

And an ice-cream if I wish.



I'll buy myself some candy-floss,

I'll buy myself a bun,

I'll buy myself a can of coke

Or maybe more than one!



But wait just a minute,

My money must be stuck!

If it doesn't come soon

Then I will be out of luck.


Don't get your hopes up,

Take a look there.

What can you see?

Two cherries and a pear!



No chips!  No fish!

No coke!  No bun!

I don't suppose I'm going to have

Very much fun.




What a crying shame!

I've wasted all my money

On a bandit game.



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