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The humble Bumble crumble tumble!



Why not try to write your own rhyme where all the rhyming words sound the same?


Choose a word.


Write down as many rhyming words as you can (on separate bits of paper).


Move the words around until you get inspired!


Meet the Reverend Billy Bumble;

He’s a man that’s oh-so-humble.

Returning from collecting jumble,

He smelled the smell of an apple crumble.

It was enough to make the tummy rumble

Of the Reverend Billy Bumble.

In haste, to reach the apple crumble,

Into the kitchen he did stumble,

Whereupon he chanced to tumble

Into the arms of Mrs Bumble.

“What’s up with you?” she began to grumble.

“Sorry, dear,” did the Reverend mumble,

“But are we, by any chance,

having custard with that?”



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