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The Body

The body has a pumping-house

Which we all call the heart.

It pushes precious life-blood round

To each and every part.

We've lungs and liver, spleen and kidneys,

Pancreas as well;

Though what these gooey bits are for

I never quite could tell.


Our arms and legs and hands and feet

All help us to explore

Just what this world is all about

And what our body's for.

We walk and run and climb and jump

And press and feel and touch;

We swim and kick and catch and throw -

It really is too much!


We use our eyes to peer and squint;

To keep a sharp look-out.

We use our ears to listen

To a whisper or a shout.

We use our nose to sniff and snuffle

And of course to sneeze.

How would we see and hear and smell

If we had none of these?


With this one mouth we speak and sing

And chant our classroom rhyme.

It's certainly important

And we use it all the time,

For in this little space we fit

Our tongue and teeth and lips,

And if we did not have a mouth

How would we eat our chips?


The body fits together like

A well-maintained machine;

Each part fulfils its function

(So we ought to keep it clean!)

For each part has a special job

Which it alone can do,

And if it did not do it then

We would be "in a stew".


And keeping it together

Tucked away inside our skull -

The "personal computer" part

With which we keep control;

We use it to make sense of things;

To think and learn and train;

Our absolutely marvellous -

Our super-duper brain!


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