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More ideas for science investigations


Here are some more ideas for science investigations.


Is eye colour inherited?

Is hair colour inherited?

How strong are eggshells?

Which toilet rolls are best?

Investigating breakfast cereals.

Which party balloons are best?

Which liquid freezes the fastest?

How do magnetic fields affect plants?

How much water do we use in a day?

Do plant roots always grow downwards?

Do plants prefer cold, warm or hot water?

Is plant growth affected by the type of soil?

Which part of your tongue tastes which tastes?

What sorts of clouds bring what sort of weather?

Compare the surface tension of different liquids.

What angle to shoot an elastic band to go furthest?

Does fresh water cool down faster than salt water?

How does human hair compare to that of animals?

Investigate the properties of different types of paper.

Which materials can be charged with static electricity?


Can dogs see colours?

Is left-handedness inherited?

How fast do fingernails grow?

How can you make metal float?

Does skimmed milk last longer?

Which colour of hair is strongest?

Which materials conduct heat best?

How much do plants grow in a week?

How can you measure lung capacity?

Do boys have better eyesight than girls?

Does sense of touch get worse with age?

Does temperature affect seed germination?

Can you stop cut apples from discolouring?

Does snow take up more space than water?

What brand of cat food do cats really prefer?

Which shape candle burns longest? (Adult supervision!)

What factors cause bread to go mouldy more quickly?

Can you prevent eyes watering when chopping onions?

Is there a relationship between hair colour and eye colour?




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