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Magic Quilt




A collection of activities that can be used to inject variety and interest into lessons.

Simple but intriguing projects that can be made with the minimum of resources.

An ongoing story-play for classroom use to encourage oral skills through the use of speech and rhyme.

A range of resource materials for use with more able KS2 and KS3 pupils to develop mathematical skills.

 A host of ideas for simple science investigations that can be carried out by children aged 8-11.

A selection of rhymes and chants to encourage the development of oral skills.

Plays & Sketches

Suitable for assemblies, drama clubs, etc.

History links

Starting points for web-based history research.


Get your brain round these baffling riddles - if you can.

This page is constantly under development with new sections and new material being added frequently.

Visit regularly to keep up to date.


Thinking games

Develop thinking skills whilst having fun. Games to play against friends or against yourself.


A host of knotty puzzles to help develop problem-solving skills.