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The following resource materials are suitable for use by 12 (and 13) year-olds as well as more able 10 & 11 year-olds.  (Older students may find some of them of interest.)

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Above or below Can you fathom out why the alphabet has been sorted in some rather strange ways ? Shape-sorting, reflection, rotation, problem-solving
Addition against the clock How quickly can you add ? Addition
Angles Estimating and measuring angles - how accurate are you ? Measuring angles, subtraction
Block%ages Estimating percentages of shaded blocks Measuring, percentages
Box clever Fill in the boxes in these tricky equations Addition, subtraction
Circle Angles Investigating angles within a sector Measuring angles
Circle Angles 2 A further investigation of angles within a sector Measuring angles
Circle Patterns Make a host of fascinating patterns using just circles and straight lines Using compasses
Circles A page full of circles to use with the above investigations  
Coloured cube Mentally manipulate the coloured cube to see what's possible and what's not. Three-dimensional shapes, problem-solving
Cube-nets Will the nets shown fold to make a cube - or will you come unstuck ? Nets, problem-solving
Dice Can you predict which number combinations will come up most often ? Addition, problem-solving
Divisibility How can you tell if  one number is divisible by another number ? Addition, subtraction, division
Extra extra! Can you explain where the extra square comes from in this illusion ? Problem-solving
Fascinating facts Manipulate numbers to see what you can discover Addition, subtraction, multiplication, simple algebra
Grand Designs Rearrange the numbers 1 - 9 for maximum effect Multiplication, addition, problem-solving
Hanoi Tower A traditional puzzle to develop problem-solving skills Problem-solving
Hanoi Pieces Cut-out pieces to help you solve the Hanoi Tower puzzle in hands-on fashion  
Jigsaw Pieces Investigating the variety of different jigsaw pieces. Problem-solving
Knight Moves Can you keep track of the maths as you move a knight around a chessboard Addition, division, problem-solving
Magic Matrix Can you work out how the numbers you choose always add up to the same total ? Addition, problem-solving

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Mobius Magic A practical "paste and cut" activity that yields some weird results Problem-solving
Number Square Learn the "trick" of arranging numbers on a 3x3 grid to form a magic square Addition, problem-solving
On line Estimating and measuring line-length Estimating length, measuring, mean, median, mode
Painted cube Mentally deconstruct the cube to work out what goes where Problem-solving, number sequences, simple algebra
Pentominoes Can you discover all the different Pentomino shapes ? Problem-solving
Pentominoes 2 Investigating the properties of the Pentomino pieces Problem-solving, reflection, rotation
Petal Pattern Draw a complicated pattern using just circles Using compasses
Polygons Investigating the properties of the angles in various polygons Measuring angles, addition
Problems in the kitchen 3 measuring and weighing problems where the maths is simple but lateral thinking is required Addition, subtraction, problem-solving
Pretty Polyhedra Investigating properties of the regular polyhedra solids Problem-solving
Roman sums Can you work out how to add & subtract Roman numerals ? Problem-solving
Serious series sums Can you work out how to find the sum of a series of numbers - and do it in a flash ? Addition, subtraction, multiplication
Spreadsheet pies Making pie-charts using spreadsheets Data collection, simple IT skills
Square to zero Choose a set of random numbers - then see how long it takes for them to disappear Subtraction
Stars in their eyes Join the dots to form simple stars Problem-solving
Tiles Arrange the tiles in a grid according to a set of given rules Problem-solving
Tri-grids Which of the given numbers adds up to the target sum ? Addition
Tri-grids (decimals) Which of the given decimal numbers adds up to the target sum ? Addition of decimals
Tri-grids (fractions) Which of the given fractions adds up to the target number ? Addition of fractions
Tri-grids (percentages) Which of the given percentages adds up to the target number ? Addition
Tri-quivalents Which of the given fractions adds up to the target number ? Equivalent fractions, addition of fractions
Tri-quivalents (answers) Answers to the above  
Volume Can you work out the volume of some regular solids - and a few very irregular ones ? Multiplication, problem-solving
Weigh to go As a contestant on the quiz-show "The Golden Hour", could you win a bar of gold ? Problem-solving (advanced)

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