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Put simply, the rule of commutation says that it does not matter in which order you perform certain mathematical operations.


In ADDITION, 6 + 5 gives the same result as 5 + 6


In MULTIPLICATION, 6 x 5 gives the same result as 5 x 6


The easiest way to demonstrate the rule (with regard to multiplication) is to encourage children to prove it for themselves.



Draw 20 dots - neatly arranged as in the diagram.  Count the dots and visibly make a note of the number.


Using a coloured pencil, children should draw lines to show FIVE groups of FOUR.  Point out that "Five groups of four make twenty."


Write 5 x 4 = 20


Now, using the same diagram and a different coloured pencil, draw lines to show FOUR groups of FIVE.  Point out that "Four groups of five make twenty."


Write 4 x 5 = 20


Repeat with different numbers of dots.