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The following activities can be undertaken by students of various ages and abilities.  The right-hand column shows what equipment you will need.

Flick-flack pdf file An intriguing paper shape that folds in on itself again and again   Paper, scissors, glue.
Flying spinner web-page Make a simple flying spinner then experiment to see how far it will fly. Paper, scissors.
Folding stuff pdf file Can you fold the "flag" to show the right combination of colours? Paper, scissors
Icosahedron pdf file Make this challenging but attractive 20-sided solid to decorate and display. Card, scissors, glue, (optional coloured pens / pencils, etc.)
Magic wallet pdf file Keep a close eye on what you put in this wallet - as you never know where it might end up! Card, scissors, glue, approx 60 cm ribbon (or tape)
Magic hexagon web-page Baffle your friends as the hexagon changes colours before their eyes. Card, scissors, coloured pencils, glue, 60-degree set-square.
Paper helicopter web-page Make a simple spinning toy and experiment to see how far it will fly. Paper or card, ruler, pencil, scissors, paper-clip.