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Starting with your list of Key-words (which you have already prepared), write each key-word on a sticky-note. (You can buy these in stationery shops and many general stores.) You could even add a little drawing to each note - or a few words of explanation.


Stick these at strategic points around your room. For example: by the light switch - left hand side of shelf - right hand side of shelf - left-hand cupboard door - right-hand cupboard door - next to picture, etc.


Now, walk around the room, pausing in front of each sticky-note in turn and reading the key-word.


If you do this a few times, you will find it easy to recall what is on each of the sticky-notes without actually walking around the room.


You can use the system more than once to help you remember different lists of key-words. To make sure you do not get the lists confused, use different coloured sticky-notes - or different coloured pens - or a large coloured blob on the corner - or a small cartoon - etc.


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