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Maslow considered human motivation and suggested

a hierarchy of needs, represented here as a triangle



Maslow’s key concept is that

Human beings have a hierarchy of needs.

The basic needs (shown at the base of the triangle)

must be met before a person can move on to address higher levels of need.

Once one level of need is met, the next level emerges to be satisfied.





Maslow, A H (1943) “A Theory of Human Motivation.” Psychological Review 50 pp 370-396


A Theory of Human Motivation

Abraham Maslow


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Levels of Need



Basic needs for food, water, clothing, good health.


Safety needs

The need for a safe environment which is stable, provides security and protection from harm, anxiety, fear, chaos. Thus there are needs for structure, rules, guidance, etc.


Love and belonging

The need to feel loved by others and to give love in return.  The need for relationships, both long term and short term.



Maslow divided this into:

The desire for self-respect and confidence in oneself

The desire for recognition and respect from others



The desire and need to realise one’s potential.

Maslow states, “What a man can be, he must be.”