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Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector


Ann Gravells


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Teachers & Professionalism


Codes of Conduct (for Teachers & Trainers)


Ethical Issues - for (FE) teachers & trainers


Adult learners


Learner personality types


Tutor-led & student-led learning


Maslow's hierarchy of needs


Kolb's Learning Cycle




Facilitating Learning


Core Skills (Key Skills)


Effective Questioning


Working with groups


Belbin's Team Roles


Designing lesson plans


Schemes of work - definition


Designing schemes of work


Personalised Learning


Experiential Learning


Reflective Practice


Facilitating Reflective Practice


Models of Reflection


Transformational Learning


Effective written communication




Constructive Feedback




Quality Assurance and the Curriculum


Learning Theories (overview)


Confused by the plethora of organisations involved in Lifelong Learning?

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Useful pages for Adult Students


The Award in Education and Training


Ann Gravells


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