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Effective learning


There is a certain pedagogy that has come to be known as “accelerated learning”.  I fear that this is not so much a misnomer as an unfortunate choice of emphasis.  Whereas the application of “accelerated learning” principles may well have the effect of increasing the speed at which learners are able to absorb new knowledge, understand new issues and begin to master new skills, I suggest that it is not the speed that is the important factor - rather, it is the effectiveness (and indeed, enjoyment) of the process.  Therefore, I prefer to use the term “effective learning” (though I will interchange terms freely throughout these pages). 


Regardless of how one refers to this “new” approach, one cannot deny that the application of recent discoveries in the field of brain physiology, psychology and personal effectiveness, when applied to the educative process, have a remarkable effect on the learning capacity of the student.  The following pages attempt to outline the main principles of “accelerated learning”.


Most of the principles and many of the practices will be familiar to most teachers - after all, it is likely that they have been employing them for some time.  Nevertheless, it can do no harm to be reminded of them again - and to review and revise one's own approaches to teaching and classroom management can only be of benefit to one's students.

Create a positive and supportive learning environment

Paint the big picture
Describe the anticipated outcomes
Demonstration of achievement
Review (for recall and retention)


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