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Accelerated learning


Wherever possible, access all the senses.

See VAK.  See "Let's get physical".


Appeal to all kinds of intelligence.

See Multiple Intelligences - also appealing to all types of intelligence.


Maintain the pace of the lesson.  It is better to challenge students than to bore them.


Check understanding along the way.  Use instant feedback methods – not as a “test” but to highlight success – and to help you assess individual learning needs.  If anybody needs additional explanation, this can be more effective if targeted only at those who need it.


Involve students in the input wherever possible.  Encourage students to share their knowledge, skills or experience.  This will help to demonstrate how much they are valued.


Where the input is likely to go on for some time, consider using brain-gym exercises as an interlude.


Accelerated learning overview

Learning environment - The big picture - Outcomes - Input - Activity - Demonstration - Review