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When designing a scheme of work, there are a number of factors that should be taken into consideration.  The following questions may help you to focus your thoughts.




  • Who is the course for?

  • What is the likely number of participants?

  • What is the overall aim of the course?

  • What will participants learn?

  • What skills will participants develop?

  • Is there a syllabus?

  • Does it lead to a qualification?

  • Is it part of a larger curriculum?

  • Where is it likely to be held?

  • What restrictions does this impose?

  • What resources are available?

  • What resources can be "begged, borrowed or stolen"?

  • What resources can be designed or developed?




  • What topics/subjects need to be included?

  • Is team building necessary?

  • What practical activities are integral to the course?

  • What assignments have to be completed?

  • What essential elements need to be included?

  • Is there some theme or aspect that threads throughout the course?

  • How will students be assessed?

  • How will the course be evaluated?




  • Which elements need to be introduced at the beginning?

  • Do you need to take account of the different starting points of students?

  • Which elements depend upon successful completion or understanding of other elements?

  • Which elements must come at the end?

  • What preparation is required (by students) to complete elements or assignments?

  • How much time will students need for this?




  • Is it possible to give students an early taste of success?

  • Is there something for students to make or do?

  • What additional activities might be included to broaden students' experience or understanding?

  • Can students' contributions be built into the course?

  • Is it possible to build in some "leisure interest"?

  • Do you need to take account of holidays and festivals etc.?


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