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This questionnaire has been devised to assist trainers who appreciate the usefulness of Honey and Mumford's Learning Styles model but find their questionnaire rather cumbersome for use in a short training session. It is intended as a short and pithy introduction to Learning Styles that can be used at the beginning of a one-day training event or short course. This "Rough and ready reckoner" lacks the sophistication of Honey and Mumford's questionnaire but is easy to complete, simple to score and a useful discussion starter.


Below is a list of 24 questions.  If your answer to a question is YES - click the YES button.  If your answer is DEFINITELY YES (because that question describes one of your main characteristics), click the DEFINITELY button (instead of the YES button).  If your answer is NO - or if you are not sure - click the NO button.

Do you find it easy to meet new people and make new friends?
Are you cautious and thoughtful?
Do you get bored easily?
Are you a practical, "hands on" kind of person?
Do you like to try things out for yourself?
Do friends consider you to be a good listener?
Do you have clear ideas about the best way to do things?
Do you enjoy being the centre of attention?
Are you a bit of a daydreamer?
Do you keep a list of things to do?
Do you like to experiment to find the best way to do things?
Do you prefer to think things out logically?
Do you like to concentrate on one thing at a time?
Do people sometimes think of you as shy and quiet?
Are you a bit of a perfectionist?
Are you enthusiastic about life?
Would you rather "get on with the job" than keep talking about it?
Do you often notice things that other people miss?
Do you act first then think about the consequences later?
Do you like to have everything in its "proper place"?
Do you ask lots of questions?
Do you like to think things through before getting involved?
Do you enjoy trying out new things?
Do you like the challenge of having a problem to solve?



Count up the number of points you scored of each colour.

This is a "rough and ready" indication of your preferred Learning Style.

(Honey & Mumford have produced a much more detailed questionnaire, containing over 80 questions, that provides a more in-depth analysis of your preferred Learning Style.)


Check out the typical traits associated with your Learning Style by clicking the symbols below.

Activist Pragmatist Theorist Reflector

Check out the "Hints & tips" page that will help you to maximise your learning potential