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Learning Styles

(Honey & Mumford)

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This section deals with Honey & Mumford's Learning Styles model

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 VAK (Visual-Auditory-Kinaesthetic)

learning styles model


Each of us learns in different ways. Some of us prefer to study in depth before we tackle a task; others prefer to "get stuck into the job" and learn as we go along. Some of us are satisfied when the methods we use get the job done; others are more concerned with why a particular approach proved successful. Yet others spend time thinking through how the task could be tackled more effectively next time. Research by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford suggests that we might usefully consider 4 basic "learning styles": Activist - Pragmatist - Theorist - Reflector.


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I have devised two brief questionnaires to help you discover your preferred Learning Style. Click below for the:


Rough & Ready Reckoner Learning Styles Questionnaire


You could also use the "Learning with style" questionnaire


Take a look at the brief Hints & Tips page to help you learn more effectively - taking account of your learning style.






Learning Styles - the debate


Learning Styles and Gender


Learning Styles and Gender Differences (chart)


Learning Styles - The Squiggle Game

Innovative game to help trainers maintain course participants' interest


Learning Styles - The next generation

Tongue-in-cheek suggestions for the enhancement of Learning Styles theory



The Learning Styles Questionnaire (40 item version)

Peter Honey

Peter Honey Publications


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