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Learning with Style

Learning Styles Questionnaire


As part of a staff development session exploring how to use Learning Styles in the classroom, I worked with a group of teachers (from Bridlington, East Yorkshire) to put together this light hearted questionnaire to be used to help students identify their preferred Learning Style.  The intention was to produce an easy exercise to be used by older secondary students - working together in small groups - that would act as a stimulus for discussion.




If you are discussing something in a group, do you:


listen to others before you say anything

want to get your opinion in first

start thinking of lots of questions to ask

come up with quick and simple solutions


Your little brother/ sister/ cousin asks you to help them build a complicated model out of Lego bricks.  Do you:


carefully follow the instruction leaflet

look at the picture on the box and work out how to do it

just have a go

suggest your brother/ sister/ cousin have a go at something easier


You are taking driving lessons. In your next lesson you will be learning how to negotiate roundabouts.  Which method would you prefer your driving instructor to use?


Just let you have a go

Be told beforehand how to do it so that you can think about it before the lesson

Watch it being demonstrated and then have a go

Discuss or read about how to do it first


When you go to the canteen, do you:


read what’s on the menu

go along and see what there is

have an idea of what you want within your budget before you go

choose a balanced menu


You have put in the right money and pressed the right button but nothing has come out of the snacks machine.  Do you:


thump the machine

press all the buttons in the hope that something happens

read the instructions to see what you can do

report it as broken


When you are going to play a new computer game or use a new program, do you:


read the manual before you start the game/ program

just have a go and pick it up as you go along

watch someone else, see what to do and then have a go yourself

ask someone to show you what to do


You have lost your timetable and can’t remember where your next lesson is.  Do you:


find someone else from your group and follow them

rush up and down trying to find the right room

think back to where you were last week

You wouldn’t lose your timetable: you always have a spare one


How do you approach your revision?  Do you:


have a revision timetable with a colour-coded list of what you need to do

think carefully about what you need to do

start with whatever book comes to hand first

start with what you enjoy most and know you will be good at


Two of your close friends have fallen out.  Would you:


 jolly them back into being friends

try to find out what the problem is

arrange an event for both of them to be at so they can make up

take your time thinking how to resolve the problem


At a party, do you prefer to:


stay in one place and watch what’s going on

dance the night away

find someone to talk to

help keep the party going



Count up your responses to find your preferred Learning Style.


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